Monday, September 24, 2012

A Change of Seasons

We just had the pleasure of spending the last day with our dear friends, Cisco and Mindy, before their move to Iowa.  In fact, Red just got back from taking them to the airport.  They spent last night over here and hung our with us all day, mailing and blessing us with last minute belongings and playing with the kids.  These two have been a pretty big part of our lives as a couple and family and will be EXTREMELY missed.

A little history on our friendship:
  • Cisco is a big part of the beginning of our family.  He was running trips to an orphanage in Mexico, Casa Hogar, with his church and after Red moved down here he started going on the trips with him.  When I went down to the same orphanage with my college I met Cisco and started going down on these bimonthly trips, which is where I met Red.  In fact, both of us would go down with Cisco on food runs, where we'd leave in the evening to drive food down to Casa Hogar and return early in the morning.  On the trips, Cisco would take us separately and ask us what we were looking for in a mate and then would take us down together and ask the same questions, the whole time with our future spouse sitting next to us.
  • We met Mindy when she started going down on the trips.  I immediately warned her about Cisco stating, "the poor woman who marries that man."  Little did I know she had interest in him and would eventually marry him.  We knew her well enough to have her at our wedding.  Cisco helped throw Red a bachelor's party (going to the shooting range), but found some excuse not to attend our wedding.
  • A year after Karrots birthday they ended up getting married and the day after joined us for her big first birthday party, along with their family.
  • They both really want(ed) to have a baby together so I invited her to Rusty's birth.  Mindy got to see him come into the world at her first home birth.  They've both also been a big part of our kids' lives, practicing their parenting skills, attending birthdays and dedications, and spoiling them as often as possible.
  • They've been great go-to friends for last minute fellowship.  They'd come over for dinner and we'd hang around the fire pit.  Outdoor fires were a must with Cisco being a volunteer fireman.  Cisco even went camping last minute with Red and the kids in Big Bear.  Different tents, of course.  ;)  
  • It's been awesome seeing God work in their marriage!  The fact they're both moving is a testimony to God's goodness and faithfulness!  
Lord, thank you for blessing us with Cisco and Mindy as friends for so many years and for giving us their friendship through so many of life's ups and downs.  Bless them as they start this new chapter of their life.  Bless Cisco for his sacrifice in the move.  Bring healing to Mindy: body, mind and spirit.  Prepare a whole new community for them who will encourage them, support them, love them, and point them to You.  Continue to reveal to them what it means to be one and surround them with people who will hold them to their covenant with You.    Bless them, bless them, bless them!