Monday, March 26, 2012


In dealing with my health I ran across the book, Healing the Gerson Way: Defeating Cancer and Other Chronic Diseases.  I found videos online of testimonies of people healed through the therapy of cancer and other health problems.  As it's mainly a deep detox program, I'd been hesitant to seriously consider it being that I've been pregnant and/or nursing for the last 5+ years.  That was until I met someone who had experience with the therapy and had told me it could be used while breastfeeding and the book explained how (though I can't seem to find that section).  So I bought it...and I've read it.

Basically the therapy consists of coffee enemas, a strict vegetarian diet (mostly juicing), different supplements, and a completely toxic-free life style.  I nodded my head to most of it, knowing that I've cut out almost all processed foods and chemicals in our house and that we eat mostly organic.  A lot of what they say I've heard before from other venues of my hippie-esque lifestyle.

Regarding the coffee enemas...NOT something I've been raised to accept.  Though, with reading, I understand the use.  They're supposed to help stimulate the liver to release bile and toxins so that the person's liver doesn't get overloaded by the toxins.  With the diet's purpose being to detox the body, I can definitely see the use.  Plus the enemas are supposed to ease any pain you're having.

The therapy goes so far as to require the patient to use only distilled water for cooking and cleaning.  In talking about the thyroid, the books says, "Both (chlorine and fluoride) remove iodine from the thyroid gland, thus reducing its ability to function properly."  I'd already been convicted about our water supply and have a Brita filter (I know...super high tech), but haven't an extra few thousand dollars laying around that we want to put towards a household filter.  Until then, I enjoy hot showers too much to distill water and sponge bathe.

In listing the specifications for the Gerson Household they state that microwave ovens "emit radiation into the kitchen area even when not in use."  They also mention the ban of the ovens in Russia back in 1976.  Besides all that, it alters the make up of the food.  So ours is now unplugged...though, as it is installed right over the stove, so is our surface light and vent fan.

Then I came across this section talking about those the diet has healed, stating, "the chronic disease patient has a weak, damaged liver; the cancer patient has a toxic liver."  Back in 2010 when I had gone to an arthritis center and gotten all kinds of blood tests, etc., they told me my liver was great.  He even joked I could afford to drink some alcohol every once in a while.  Guess that's the not issue.

Even though I'm not about to curl up in fetal position and do regular enemas, the book's encouraged me to started juicing more, using our pathetic centrifugal juicer we own, not the Norwalk Hydraulic Press Juicer they recommend (mostly because it's WAY over our budget at $2,395).  I came across a guy on ebay who makes his own hydraulic juicers in his garage, starting the bid at $74, advertising them specifically for Gerson patients (and Reboot Diet).  With that, Red may attempt to make one as he said he thinks he could engineer it better.

My mom plays tennis with my old pediatrician and mentioned to her the health issues I'm having.  My pediatrician was so concerned that she had my mom call so she could talk to me.  She went over my blood test results, seeing that everything SHE could think of came back normal.  She recommended going to a teaching hospital, like UCLA, as they won't stop until I get an answer...since I haven't gotten a diagnosis from the three (2, 3) other rheumatologist I've seen.

Where's all this leave us?  I'm planning on seeing my naturopath some time in May, when we're a bit closer to him during a camp trip.  Logically, I don't see how a food allergy disappears with pregnancy and my body becomes healed from the swelling and arthritis that was still affecting my body WITHOUT the protein in cow's milk.  Plus, now that my hormones aren't in prego mode, it's all back WITHOUT eating the protein in cow's milk (though after losing faith in this whole milk allergy, I had butter last night (which I'd cut out) and my wrists have been crunchy/more painful today).

If there's no answers I AM thinking of returning to the arthritis center I originally had blood work done with to see the head doctor (since that's the appointment I was allowed next).  They had mentioned being willing to have a blood test for allergies.  I've looked up the ELISA/ACT test and hope they'd be able to do that one for me.

And, of course, there's always prayer...first and foremost, the best and least stressful answer.
Lord, direct me, guide my thoughts, banish all bouts of depression, help me be patient for my healing, give me the gift of faith, let me see all this craziness the way You do...keep me in Your will!

On a side note: Since Wednesday last week we've had a cold in the family.  Rusty started with it and then Friday Melody got a fever and has since gotten tons of snot.  Today Karrots has it and Red isn't feeling well.  Me...I don't seem to be affect.  I'm gonna call that grace...Oh why don't I always see HIM as the first and ultimate answer.