Monday, October 24, 2011

Baby Rag Quilt

I found a tutorial over at DIY Divas for this adorable quilt...



All it took was a trip to Walmart for some flannel and a few hours.  It looks great all folded over the co-sleeper, right? Well, a little inside secret: I cannot do right angles well!  Seriously.  I had sewn the strips together without pinning them thinking it would all line up...well, i guess i can't cut straight either.  Not even with a cutting mat, a rotary cutter and clear plastic ruler board.  Yikes!  I ended up cutting a lot off to get it near rectangle.  Not a huge issue for a baby quilt since it's still huge for her and will keep her warm, but fora perfectionist it could be an issue to think through before attempting the project.

As I'd never done quilts before, I'd also never done binding.  Thanks to YouTube and this tutorial I figured it out!  And the hand stitching is practically invisible with the ladder stitch!  Definitely better than the whip stitch recommended.