Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Labor Tips for Those Attending

For those who ever attend a birth or know someone's in labor, here's a tip: Be encouraging and don't have time expectations! Seriously...laboring mamas can feel those expectations. This is a natural process and may take some time. Asking, "so how are things going?" every 5 mins. is very discouraging. How about you simply watch the cues of the laboring mama? Is she acting normal, talking through contractions and doing chores? If so, you can assume that it may be a while and that "progress" is slow and simply not that visible. Is she stopping to groan and concentrate, screaming for drugs, or needing privacy? The baby may be here soon...and even if he/she isn't, please don't pace the floor or constantly check up as if you're in any more of a hurry than mommy and daddy are.

For those in labor: Just let people know when the baby's arrived. Ya, tell a select few who you know will be praying for you, with the expectation that you will let them know how things are going without needing them to contact you frequently, but think before you post it on facebook. It may be a longer haul than you hope.