Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hat Box Cake Project

Some time last week, I believe, I found a crafty blog with all kinds of tutorials.  I printed a bunch out and ended up attempting the hat box cake tutorial with felt frosting and all sorts of decorations

It turned out so pretty I thought I'd share...

Chocolate cake with strawberry filling!  (I painted the box instead of covering it with felt and, since I lack ribbon, used fabric.)

Chocolate felt frosting

Icing detail...

You can see the cake in the frosting...

Strawberry felt frosting with decorations - ribbon icing, homemade strawberries, candles (velcro instead of magnets), and store-bought flowers and butterflies


and the cake's a nice container to hold all the decor!

I've been kinda hesitant at handing it over, feeling it'll never be as nice again...her tearing off the velcro decorations wasn't easy to watch, but did help me realize I really needed to work on securing those velcro dots.  Yeah for hot glue!