Saturday, November 13, 2010

Farm Fresh to ME!!

For quite some time now I've been looking for a good source of organic produce.  Trader Joe's has great prices, but are very limited in what they have and really don't have great stuff, i.e. not big and ripe.  Our coop, Azure, is trucking stuff down from Oregon and their garlic, carrots and ginger are perfectly fine, but most of the stuff that can wilt or get squished does.

Well, last week a guy showed up at my door from a company called Farm Fresh to You.  Basically you sign up for whatever type of box you want, mixed veggies and fruit, just fruit, fast fruit and veggies, and whatever size you want and they'll deliver it to your door step in whatever increments of weeks you want.

Looking at their list I was thinking, "kale...what the heck would I do with kale?!"  Just so happens that on their website they have links next to all the produce listed that give you recipes and storage and use tips.  Awesome!!

This Thursday we got our first shipment.  They dropped it off some time between 2 am and when we woke up.  Just open the door and there's a box full of fragrant greens and fresh produce.  YUM!!  None of it was wilted or bruised, like other delivery services and just the smell of the cilantro was heavenly!

I'm so stoked this service found me!  They are seriously a God-send!  Can't wait to eat all this delicious food!

If anyone's interested, the promo code 6164 will get you $5 off your first box.  I think this would be an amazing gift to give a health conscious family.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I love, love, LOVE this weather we're having! It's finally fall and below 70 degrees outside! Perfect weather for some yummy warm drinks!

The first time I ever had champurrado was at Placita Olvera. It quickly became an addiction. Every trip to Mexico I'd look for it at the border. I was making runs to Los Angeles JUST for this drink (which, by the way, is amazing with their handmade tortillas dipped in it). Every Mexican restaurant we look for it...but none compares to the original flavor experience in that Mexican heartland of LA.

I got a recipe from a friend years ago where you boiled water with cinnamon sticks in it until it turned red then added Abuelita's chocolate, evaporated milk and Maseca. Now that I can't do the evaporated milk I've had to figure out an easier, non cow dairy recipe.

I've found that by simply heating up the goat milk with the Abuelitas and adding some Maseca I've come pretty close to the original. If I'm feeling ambitious I'll heat the milk with cinnamon stick, but it doesn't seem too different in taste for the extra effort.

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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Healing Prayer

A while back I had a dream that I was in a church service of some kind and during the service a woman stood up and prayed healing over someone who immediately got healed.  The service turned into a healing service.  At one point someone was handing out something that meant the woman was going to be praying for you.  They handed me whatever it was and I burst out crying thinking, "finally, my healing!"  Then someone prayed for me and spoke that the following week I'd be healed.  I remember thinking, "What a joke!  That's not how it's done!"

Our church has been involved in starting a house of prayer in its city.  We've set up time slots at our building, scheduling around the dance classes held there, and it's mostly been our people showing up...until this past week.  There's a group of intercessors from IHOP that are temporarily staying at a local university where, by God's design, there is a group of students and faculty housing them who have been praying for revival in the city.  Along with these two groups, there's a group of YWAM intercessors, by God's design, joining us at our little house of prayer for powerful prayer. 

Last night Red and I finally made time to go.  I mostly wanted to go that night because the slot was listed as a healing service.  Through heartfelt worship we had POWERFUL prayer and testimonies.  Two testimonies of healing and one of finally feeling God's love as the Father.  There was uncontrolled weeping, strong embraces, prophetic words, and healings.  One girl there, while praying and through the power of God, saw another girl's leg grow longer so they were finally level.

When the call of healing was given I was the first one standing with the desire to receive prayer.  A group of mostly college age students gathered around and prayed for me.  With my arms stretched out, calling out for God, I felt my husband come behind me and help hold my arms up.  One guy praying mentioned he felt I may be dealing with unforgiveness.  The second testimony of healing was given and the girl said she was healed of back pain and knee pain.  I knew she was supposed to pray for me.  When she touched my back there was heat...I kept thinking, "my back isn't the issue, pray for my knees."  The heat continued when she prayed for my knees.  When asked what was going through my mind all I could say was "I want to finally be able to kneel and worship!  I haven't been able to."  Shortly after, I was able!  I was finally able to fall on my knees and praise the Lord of my healing!

While on the floor my left arm was causing some pain due to the calcium deposit.  I could feel the lump digging into the floor.  And wouldn't you know...when I got up, it was gone!

Last night, in bed, I experienced the healing in my back.  For quite some time I've had pain when laying on my sides, needing a pillow to prop up my leg, thinking it was because my hips weren't even.  Even with the help of the pillow I'd have to switch positions frequently.  Well, last night that issue was gone!  Praise God!  I didn't need my body pillow.

Praise God for being good, for being my healer!  My hands, wrists, and feet still hurt, especially in the morning, but these healings give me hope to press into Him and that my wholeness is waiting around the corner!