Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Healthy Kettle Corn

Oh the joys of a popcorn air popper!  We have a lovely Tasmanian devil one Red had prior to us getting married.  With the common cravings for popcorn and the cost of the packaged popcorn I decided to bust out the little devil and buy some organic popcorn in bulk.

As the majority of our family has a sweet tooth I've made up my own version of kettle corn - minus the processed white sugar and butter (seeing that I'm trying to avoid dairy).

Start by popping the popcorn.  While it's popping, place some organic extra virgin coconut oil and honey in a little pot over the stove until it's melted.  Being a health nut I'm all about raw, unheated honey, but being frugal and since I'm heating it, I use some processed honey we got free from our uncle.  (He lends out his land to a bee keeper and gets free honey!)

Once the popping's done, just poor the oil/honey mix over the popcorn and add a little salt.  Yum!

Can you see it glistening?