Friday, May 28, 2010

Reflex Nutritional Assessment

As some of you know, I had my doctor appointment today out in Arroyo Grande.  The guy I saw, Robert Thiel, is a licensed naturopath and dietician and to assess his patients he does Reflex Nutritional Assessment (RNA).  My friend told me a bit about what he does, which I mentioned on another post.  In a pamphlet I got from his office it explains it this way, "Since all matter emits a certain amount of electromagnetic energy, the assessor's body is giving off electromagnetic energy as well.  When this electromagnetic energy comes in contact with your body's electromagnetic energy, it interferes with your body's reflex  connection to the other parts of the body (which is normally checked at the wrist).  If the reflex being interfered with is sufficiently nutritionally deficient, this electromagnetic interference  is great enough to reduce this connection.  For reflexes without nutritional deficiencies, the assessor's interference is not strong enough to overpower neuromuscular control."

I filled out a couple pages of paperwork with checklists of the symptoms I've been experiencing.  There were a LOT of symptoms listed.  Everything from bug bits to menstrual cramps to chronic fatigue.  He began the meeting by asking me about what I checked off, what I eat throughout the day, and the supplements I have been taking.  He mentioned he gets at least 5 clients from down in our area every week, along with a bunch from northern CA.  He also talked about how he'd sent in an inquiry to the government in the 70's asking for a cure for baldness.  They said there's no known cure and anyone who says else is a quack.  He repeated the question in the 80's and they said only Rogain works and anyone who says else is a quack. Again he repeated the question in the 90's and they said only Rogain and some other cure work anyone who says else is a quack. Needless to say, he's not big on the "health experts" the government claims to have.

He had me take off my shoes to step on a scale to measure my BMI and then started the RNA.  He had me face my right wrist out with my arm by my side and then hold my left arm out.  While he held the viles of whatever to my right wrist he would push on a certain point on my left wrist.  It was so easy to believe certain things were good for me or bad for me because of the strength/weakness I had when he pushed. He also held some by my side with the hernia, which is where he found one helpful supplement, and some by my feet and knees.  Along with that he'd touch different areas, like the glands under my chin, to see if the specific area was weak.

Regarding the supplements I've been taking, I was taking the wrong calcium, which was proven by the weakness it caused.  Ladies, did you know coral calcium is really for men?  The prenatals I've been taking, Rainbow Light, he told me weren't as good as the label states.  They claim to be made from food, which is what they start with and then spray a bunch of non-food vitamins and minerals on.  The cod liver oil and vitamin e I'm taking were good.

He put me on metabollic thyro (which will increase my appetite and help the weak area of my thyroid) advanced joint complex, magnesium complex, vitamin mineral (to replace the prenatals), calc-aid (which is good for getting rid of calcium build up in joints), and core level ileoduodenal (will SLOWLY help my weak intestinal issue, aka hernia).  The supplements, except the last two, are all completely food based.  I'll be taking 7 pills with breakfast and 4 with dinner.  The cost: a whopping $123!  He mentioned he, his son, and other members were each taking one of each that he recommended.

The biggest news:  The vile that made me the weakest was the cow milk protein.  NOT gluten!!  He said his wife had the same issues after having kids, nursing and drinking raw organic cow's milk.  (Not sure if that's the milk or the pregnancy/birthing that would have brought that out.)  At the end of the meeting he talked about what I could eat in place of the dairy.  (I'd much rather have a list of do's than dont's.)  His son has the same issue so he could easily tell me what certain things looked like and where to get them.  I can have Trader Joes' pecarino romano cheese, goat's milk, kefir and cheese (cream cheese, mild goat cheddar, Sypress Grove chevre), butter, and 100% cream (which doesn't have the protein in it).  He also mentioned how changing my diet would work.  My body sees the milk as a virus and sends the antibodies to attack it.  Once it's out of my system and I'm healthier I REALLY need to avoid the milk because just a little bit will give me a really bad day with all my body's forces going after it. 

He mentioned that a traditional doctor probably wouldn't have found this.  Even in blood work they only test for one factor of the allergy and it doesn't prove to be as reliable as the RNA.

Along with diet my elbows are out of joint.  He said he would've fixed them, but it wasn't out of joint in a way he COULD.  He proceeded to go out front and show me how he fixes his receptionists elbows when they're out of joint, which I assume happens often.

I have a follow up appointment in a month.  So, we'll see how this regime works and how hard it is to avoid dairy!  I picked up some goat milk and goad cheddar (almost $10/lb. - ridiculous!!) and brought it home to make a pizza with the cheese - not bad!  And the milk, to me, doesn't taste any different.  Of course it was the pasteurized, store bought stuff.  My SIL knows where to get some raw goat's milk up by her so I'll be trying that out and maybe plotting to get shipments to freeze every trip.  We'll see!  Praise God for alternative/complementary medicine!!