Friday, May 21, 2010

My Husband Rocks

I asked Red to put up a shelf in the trash/cleaner closet so as to actually use the shelf (instead of it sitting around) and he went out and did WAY more than I asked.

Thank you, honey, for going the extra mile to make life easier! It looks lovely!
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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

More Fermentation Experiments

Moving on from the fermented veggies, which I didn't feel so successful with, I've taken the leap to fermented beverages! My friend from our Azure drop, Cindy, gave me the kambucha mushroom, which duplicates itself with every batch.  It's put in some organic black tea with white sugar and set out for over a week.  Since I forgot about it mine sat for like 10 days.  When Cindy came by she said it was a good batch - good enough that her boys would probably drink it.  It's kinda got a milk alcohol taste and somewhat fizzy - refreshing!

The actual "mushroom" - it's more like a cultured round blob that floats and becomes the size of the container it's made in

The next drink I've been attempting is kefir.  The same friend, Cindy, ordered some kefir grains for $8 for 2 Tbsp.  Just leave it in some raw whole milk for 12-24 hours until it's the right sour for your taste buds.  This is something the kids have liked from the store so I'm hoping to save money by making our own.  They like the "strawberry milk" so I'm gonna try adding berries and honey to it and see if it passes the test for them.

Kefir grains - kinda like squish popcorn

The paperwork that came with them mentioned that they'll take a few batches to start working well since they've been kinda shocked in the mail.  Since I haven't been too impressed with the first few batches I've made I used them for baking. Nourishing Traditions has plenty of recipes on using the kefir to ferment flour and other grains for dishes.

Blueberry muffins

When I read the recipes the grains came with Red's dad was interested in the sourdough bread recipe.  Can't wait to try it!  He took some grains home and is gonna attempt it since it's easier than having to feed a huge batch of starter they'd rarely use.