Saturday, April 24, 2010

More Info on Option #2

An email from my friend explaining what he did:

He has you take off your shoes when you get weighed.  His scale measures your body fat & your weight, but you need to be barefoot.  Then you stand up (after you put your shoes back on) and hold your arm out and try to keep it up as he pushes down on it, while taking either food items (to see what you are intolerant of) or supplements (to see what will help you) and touching other points on your body (like your head, neck or stomach).  It's pretty interesting.  When he was accessing K, he left the room to go get a different supplement and while he was gone I told K to try harder to hold his arm up.  He said I can't, it's too weird. 

He takes a history & talks to you about what is going on and he kind of has an idea when he starts as to what he needs to check out.  He has patients that come from South Carolina.  Sometime when we have gone we are the ones that have come from the farthest away that day.  You are lucky you have someone to stay with.  He is very nice and will answer any questions and explain anything to you.  Don't know where we would be with K if we hadn't gone to him.  The doctors didn't have a clue.

Friday, April 23, 2010


In lieu of my desperation I was referred to a couple of different doctors today.  One is an iridologist and the other uses reflex nutrition assessment.

The first guy was recommended by a friend who's been having problems keeping her pregnancies and wanting to lose weight.  The guy didn't ask any questions until he reviewed her iris.  He mentioned there was evidence she'd been stabbed, which usually comes from a surgery (she'd had her appendix removed).  He also noted other things involved with that.  He told her she was full of mucus, probably mostly due to being lactose intollerant, and asked her about her uterus.  He costs $65 for a visit and my friend didn't walk out without less than $150 in herbal supplements, which is how he treats.  She's been on them for about a week and going through "crucial detox". 

This guy is a vegetarian and blames milk for a lot of health problems.  "Cow milk is for cows.  Are you a baby cow?"  I don't quite buy that, but maybe he could still tell me which organs need help.  I also am not sold of cutting out all meat.  Over-processed corn/soy fed commercial cows, yes, but there are healthy alternavtives.

The second is a doctor in Arroyo Grande, Robert Thiel.  He's written many articles and has a few websites, including Doctor Research, which is on supplements he's created, and Center for Natural Health Research, which has his article "Musculoskeletal Pain Relief for People with Arthritis, Lupus, and Fibromyalgia".  It's $175 for the initial visit plus supplements.  Kinda far, but I'd rather have someone recommend nutrition than antibiotics

With these I've made appointments while I figure out (pray about!) who I should go to, if any.  I'm leaning toward Dr. Thiel because he seems to be on the same page as me in regards to nutrition.  Since modern medicine (blood tests and ultrasound) couldn't get a diagnosis, might as well try something that isn't invasive and is proven to work, especially before giving myself over to x-rays and MRI's!

Please pray for wisdom for me! 

Also, for those of you in the dark regarding food, check out Food, Inc.  It's on tonight on PBS at 9:00pm.  The station has been encouraging people to have a potluck and invite friends over to watch the movie and discuss it.  It's also being streamed online until Thursday, April 29. 

Monday, April 19, 2010

Dr. House

A friend of ours has been going through some major health issues.  At one point she noted these symptoms:
  • feeling like someone was holding a match to her skin
  • feeling like someone was slicing through her insides
  • everything tasted like metal, loss of appetite
  • couldn't sleep
  • breaking out in hives
After seeing many doctors who couldn't correctly diagnose her, including one who said it was her thyroid, giving her herbs and making it way worse, her husband went on a search for a doctor like House, who could diagnose and correctly treat health issues.  A friend online suggested a doctor out in Riverside, raving about how he found a rare blood disease in a patient.  They went and saw him and took a bunch of tests.

This Sunday she came to church excited that he figured it out! It's a bacteria infection caused by an untreated respiratory infection.  She said the doctor was like a little kid when he told her they found the cause.  He was so excited, jumping around, praising God.  He's treating it with 6 months of antibiotics with lots of nutrition and such to keep her intestinal flora good. 

Seeing that the rheumatologists I've seen don't seem to have a clue, I have an appointment with him in May!  Please pray for wisdom, both for me and the doctor.