Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Nourshing Traditions

I finally made the commitment and went out and bought the book Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon. It's a cookbook that uses healthy recipes based on the research of Weston Price. This guy went out and studied native people prior to western contamination.  It's amazing how lack of the processed foods most of us eat can fend off all sorts of health issues, including cavities!  Most of these recipes are delicious!! (I say most because I've become used to some of the recipes I already have.)  Aside from the below recipes, I've used her recipes to made raw whole milk into whey and cream cheese, all-raw cheesecake, leg of lamb, left over leg of lamb soup, and more.  As a side note, I just love using organic extra virgin coconut oil (OEVCO) with all things sweet!  She mentions the health benefits of OEVCO, but doesn't specifically call for it in recipes, except the baby formula, which is WAY closer to mama's milk and any packaged formula out there!

Breakfast porridge

Basically rolled oats fermented overnight and cooked in the morning.  I add OEVCO, crispy pecans, organic blueberries, organic blackberries, organic cream/kefir, and raw honey.  The kids love it!

Fried Mush

Sounds appetizing, eh?  To use up any left over porridge you fry a spoonful of it in oil - I used OEVCO and topped with 100% pure maple syrup.  A great snack.

Spicy Beef Stuffed Cabbage

Like a Mediterranean burrito!  I'm thinking the idea of the cabbage wraps are great for those with wheat flour allergies.

Korean Beef

Marinade thinly sliced flank steak and then BBQ it.  She notes in the recipe how the naturally fermented soy sauce in the marinade will cancel out the carcinogens from the BBQ.  A new favorite!  We served it up with some organic brown rice and BBQd onion.  Big Red makes the onions by coring them, putting some chicken bullion in them and wrapping them individually in foil, then just keeping it in the hot coals for like 1/2 hour while everything else is cooking.  I love to pour the juice from it on the rice.  A little taste of heaven!

Green Enchilada Sauce

I didn't try her enchilada recipe because it sounded way different than the recipe Red and I like.  Basically heat up the ingredients and blend - vwala! Homemade enchilada sauce!  WAY healthier than the canned stuff!

Mexican Soup/Chicken Tortilla Soup

This was actually a combination of her recipe and one from a book I have.  The broth is organic chicken broth with El Pato sauce, organic onion, red chili flakes, and organic diced fire tomatoes from Trader Joes.  (I'm sure carrots and squash would be yummy in it as well!)  Garnished with organic green onions, avocado, cultured sour cream, and organic blue tortilla chips! 

Fried Banana

Have any over ripe bananas and not up for banana bread?  Try this recipe out!  Fry it (I prefer in coconut oil) with some sweet seasonings and add cream, fresh mint, and organic blueberries for garnish.

Brown Rice Pudding

A great way to use up any left over brown rice!  It's a lot like bread pudding with the raisins and pecans.  Yum!  Great for those who can't have bread.

*A quick tip I've learned:  If you have a Costco card they have a huge case of organic blueberries.  I bought some and put them in the freezer.  Frozen ones are the best way to make blueberry pancakes!  They're also great for throwing in the porridge and other dishes!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Turkish Delight!

We have an amazing cousin who just happens to be from Turkey. She was visiting back in February with her hubby and my dad suggested they cook for us. Thank God he did! We got some yummy recipes from her, including eggplant, a secret to salad, and lamb chops.


To make the eggplant you cook it at 350 degrees for 50 mins. then mash it.  Add cucumber, Anaheim peppers, crushed garlic, tomatoes, (she said they'd add avocado as well if on hand), extra virgin olive oil and vinegar.  You can also BBQ the eggplant instead of using the oven.

She also gave us the secret to her salad! Toss lettuce, tomato, cucumber, thinnly sliced red onion, radishes, oil, vinegar, salt and pepper. She also garnished with pickles, green olives, radish blooms and fresh herbs.  The secret: squeeze the red onions! Seriously. It totally brings out the flavor. I'm fully convinced this is what makes or breaks it!

The lamb was amazing as well!  She made sure to get domestic lamb, i.e. not from Australia.  They added oregano, 1/2 cup yogurt, butter, thyme, parsley, salt, pepper, and paprika and marinated it for a day.  They took it out an hour before cooking and BBQd it.  They also used the marinade on ground beef and wrapped it around skewers and BBQd those as well.  Heaven!

Nebby, it was a blast hanging out with you.  We love you and you can cook for us any time!

Monday, March 15, 2010

You Bring Restoration

Until this past month my brother and I hadn't seen much of our cousins from my dad's side.  We used to see them every year on Christmas eve and sometimes Thanksgiving.  They'd come over for the weekend and we would take our vacations together at Lake Havasu.  Then, all of a sudden it seemed to stop.  I remember my brother thinking one of them didn't like us and wondering what happened.

The past few years I've stopped by their place for various reasons, always met with love.  There was a baby shower, inviting them to our wedding, and just stopping by on the way home from Mexico.

At a birthday party our cousin M came with her mom and son.  We hung out a little and she mentioned how her and her brother talked about how nice it would be for all of us to get together again.  So, taking the initiative, I sent out emails and made calls to see who'd be interested.  I put dates out there to see which would work and hadn't heard back.

With that and some disappointment with my oldest half brother I wound up at a prayer group and mentioning our family near the end.  We prayed for restoration, truth, love, and prayed the song in the video with the lyrics "You bring restoration".

Well, the first weekend in March M had a birthday party for her son and I brought my hubby and kids.  Both her brothers were there and we all got to talk and hang out a little.  I say a little because Chuck E Cheese is one of the loudest places - I just about lost my voice before leaving.  One cousin, Josh, mentioned the next week would work for him to meet up, the others agreed, and the date was set!

So, this past weekend was an answer to prayer.  All three of our cousins came, my brother actually made it a point to be there and my dad was there, too.  All of us got to hang out, talk about memories and catch up.  Our kids even had a blast wreaking havoc.  It was great to just talk, be family again, and see all the red hair! 

As it turns out, my uncle became a hermit once he got a computer.  With that and his crazy commute he hadn't ever felt like stepping foot in his car to come visit us.  He's getting better lately, so hopefully we can ALL hang out some time, including my mom, who was upset to miss the reunion, our great aunt, and older half brothers.

Praise God for answers to prayer!