Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Rheumatologist Visit #2

I went back to the same rheumatologist for an ultrasound of my hands and to get my test results yesterday.  When I got there they asked for some surprise x-rays, which I wasn't comfortable with since I had so many with the route canal I had recently.  So I didn't get them.

During the ultrasound I saw my wrists and first three knuckles.  You could tell there were some deformities in the bones, including a groove in one knuckle.  She also viewed the inner wrists which showed inflammation in my tendons, which wasn't a huge surprise since I had surgery for patella (knee cap) tendonitis in high school.

The blood results showed nothing.  One part of the RA test showed positive, but the more intense test showed negative and outruled it.  Basically, there's no diagnosis.

I asked what I should do and she recommended NSAIDs for the pain, told me to hire someone for house work because the scrubbing is bad for my wrists (women have more wrist problems than men), and the only thing she could recommend nutritionally was fish oil even though she said arthritis has nothing to do with nutrition.

The visit was very much like my visit back in 2005 where there were no results from the blood OR x-rays and the dr. said the symptoms could either get worse, better or stay the same and the odds for each were 1/3...another reason I'm kinda down on the x-rays.  If they couldn't "diagnose" it with the ultrasound and blood I don't want them exploring with other tests that will show nothing.

I'm wondering how much of this can be spiritual.  Only God can reveal that aspect.

My dad called last night to tell me to get the x-rays done and the MRIs (recommended by the dr.) and just get it diagnosed and if this doctor couldn't figure it out to find someone who could.  He continually mentions that I didn't get a medical education and therefore really know nothing about what I'm experiencing or how to fix it.

From here...I'm thinking of maybe seeing a nutritionalist.  The arthritis flared up the end of December when I wasn't eating as well and is a lot better recently since I've been a renewed health nut.  (Thank you Sally Fallon for some great recipes!)  As you can tell, I'm not convinced my diet doesn't have anything to do with it.  In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if my body didn't like gluten (seeing my mom and her twin have celiac sprue).

We'll see!  Still praying God will reveal/expose the cause and give me a plan of attack!