Thursday, January 28, 2010

Rheumalogist Appointment

I saw the rheumatologist (arthritis dr.) yesterday .  I told her my history: knee surgery in high school, it got better in pregnancy, morning stiffness, nodules on my finger joints, etc.  She felt my nodules, moved my knees around, and sent me down the hall for blood tests.  She said she's leaning toward it being rheumatoid arthritis and asked if I would be willing to wean our little boy so I could take medicine (immunity suppressants).  I told her that what I really wanted to get from her was a nutrition and exercise program to help, maybe homeopathic remedies.  She noted that doing all that stuff is great, but it's not going to heal the disease and that the meds may be needed to prevent immobility in the future.

I mentioned that I use arnica cream from time to time and that it helps with the inflammation.  She wasn't familiar with it, which blows my mind because of how effective I find it and makes me wonder if this is the doctor I need to be seeing.

Besides all that I've been trying to do an elimination diet to see if dairy, red meat, sugar, or gluten have anything to do with flaring up the arthritis.  (I highly doubt the gluten but sprues runs in the family.)  I read some articles saying that typical store-bought meat and dairy have more omega 6 than omega 3 and therefore cause inflammation, which has something to do with the cows eating the unnatural diet of corn.  If the cow is organically grassfed and the milk is raw then the omega's aren't an issue.  We'll see!

On the spiritual side, I have a feeling that I need an official diagnosis before the Lord will heal me.  I'm sure that's messed up theology, but I have a hard time grasping reality and feel that if it's on paper that I've been sick that a healing would be a lot easier to believe.  On Sunday the whole congregation prayed for my arthritis and hernia (which did heal my hemorrhoid).   

I feel like I'm falling apart.  Part of me sees it as a downward spiral I can't jump off of and the other part of me finds hope in the possibility of instant healing or being given wisdom of what's causing everything.  I can't believe that there will be a day when I can't pick up my kids/grandkids or get out of bed on my own, dress myself, cook, etc.  If pregnancy keeps it at bay then wouldn't there be hope in just trying to remain pregnant as much of my life as possible? (Said tongue in cheek...) 

Please pray I'll heard from God about this.  If it's supposed to remain and is simply my thorn in which I need to see his grace sufficient for, then so be it.  I want to believe that He wants to heal me because I know He's good. 

Just some thoughts...