Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I love, love, LOVE this weather we're having! It's finally fall and below 70 degrees outside! Perfect weather for some yummy warm drinks!

The first time I ever had champurrado was at Placita Olvera. It quickly became an addiction. Every trip to Mexico I'd look for it at the border. I was making runs to Los Angeles JUST for this drink (which, by the way, is amazing with their handmade tortillas dipped in it). Every Mexican restaurant we look for it...but none compares to the original flavor experience in that Mexican heartland of LA.

I got a recipe from a friend years ago where you boiled water with cinnamon sticks in it until it turned red then added Abuelita's chocolate, evaporated milk and Maseca. Now that I can't do the evaporated milk I've had to figure out an easier, non cow dairy recipe.

I've found that by simply heating up the goat milk with the Abuelitas and adding some Maseca I've come pretty close to the original. If I'm feeling ambitious I'll heat the milk with cinnamon stick, but it doesn't seem too different in taste for the extra effort.

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