Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Mama's Health Update

 The end of June I took the long trek back to the dietitian for a follow up.  I ended up bringing the kiddos along and thanks to a wonderful friend the trip wasn't such a chore.

Thiel asked how I was doing and I told him really well except I still had issues in the morning with stiffness, feeling like my hands, feet and knees were swollen.  He added on some infam-enzymes to take right before bed.

I also mentioned I'd been feeling on the verge of passing out a lot.  I'd gone to a holistic dentist a few days prior to replace a filling after breaking a tooth while flossing.  The dentist was also an acupuncturist and used an electric machine of some sort on my ear to help calm my nerves.  He said my episodes of passing out weren't allergies to medicine, but probably anxiety.  I mentioned that to the dietitian and he added a couple hypothalamus to my regime.

Since that appointment I'd been getting headaches.  I called and asked Thiel about them and he mentioned none of the supplements have a history of headaches as a side effect, but took me off the hypothalamus.  I'm kinda wondering if they're due to the dentist visit.  To harden the composite filling he used a tool with a light and each time he used it he was majorly pressing on my jaw.  Since then I haven't been able to relax my TMJ, which is where all the pressure and tension seem to be coming from.  Also, I haven't been as hunky dorey since the visit, but I haven't been feeling like passing out either.  I'm wondering if the pain/tension is keeping me from feeling like passing out.  On top of the headaches I've had some clicking in my wrists, which I haven't had for most of the month.

I also saw the rheumatologist July 8th and got the results from the blood tests back.  Everything came back great, except a couple things, which weren't major.  An RA test came back with a 7, where 5 and below are normal.  The doctor told me that those who have full fledged RA have numbers in the hundreds so it could mean it's just beginning.  He also mentioned palindromic rheumatism, that has a trigger and seems to randomly come and flare up and then leave.  It can flare two times in your life or a lot more.  My tests also showed my liver was functioning well above normal.  They also took a bunch more blood for more tests - yeah! (Note the sarcasm in my typing...)

I showed him my supplements and mentioned the cow's milk protein the dietitian said I shouldn't eat.  He was pumped about the supplements and hoping I've found the trigger (milk).  He said the only thing he'd add to the list of supplements was an herb called Kaprex.  His son had juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, which they found was caused by an infection and treated with antibiotics, along with Kaprex and something similar to the inflam-enzymes I'm taking, and is not healthy and abusing his body in football.

I asked about the calcium Thiel put me on for my lumps.  I wasn't sure the lumps were actually calcium buildup because they're squishy.  The doctor told me sometime the calcium could be the size of a grain of sand and the body puts tissue around the grain to stop the irritation, so the calcium could help. 

Overall, the joint pain isn't horrendous any more.  In the morning I'm still the most stiff and get stiff if I pull my legs up for a long time.  (I've always been comfortable with both legs pulled up to my chest and it's been hard to ditch the habit.)  The sensation in my joints has kinda changed and it kinda feels like something is missing, which I'm taking as a good sign.  I'm sure it'll take a while for my joints to get back to normal.

I was overjoyed that on the fourth of July I was able to run around for the water war without thinking of my joints or having pain.  What a praise!  In the midst of this recent flare I'd been a bit depressed thinking of all the things I thought I wouldn't be able to do again.  The kids I used to babysit used to use me as a jungle gym and now with my kids I was in pain with the slightest monkeying around.  Praise God it's getting better!


Gombojav Tribe said...

Have you thought about having your jaw adjusted by a chiropractor for the TMJ?

Mrs. and Mama K said...

ya, thought about it... :) he can do my elbows, too, lol!!

Mrs. C said...

Uggg... TMJ is awful to deal with. That could cause all kinds of trouble.

carmen ostafi said...

Hello. Are the products of food research that helpful? I would like to order some and I didn t see any testimonials on the interent except yours (i am from Romania Europe) thank you

Mrs. and Mama K said...

The products, along w going off the whey, made a HUGE difference for me during this season. Are there any naturopaths where you are? They can guide you into taking good supplements (made from FOOD), like which ones. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you...He had brought this guy to me.