Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Goat Alfredo Sauce

That's right! I've modified an oldie and a goodie. And guess what - it didn't suck!

Take 4 1/2 Tbsp butter and melt in a pan. Add the 4.5 oz. package of goat's milk creamy cheese (thank you, Trader Joe's!) along with 1 1/8 tsp garlic powder. Whisk until smooth. Add 1 1/8 cup goat's milk slowly, whisking smooth while adding. Stir in a little more than 3 oz. of pecorino romano cheese (made from sheep milk - Trader Joe's) and 1/8 tsp pepper. Remove from the heat when it's at desired consistency. I found this took a little longer than the original recipe (cream cheese, milk, and parmesan cheese) to thicken up a bit. We serve it with diced chicken and cooked pasta. Yum!

Our alternatives to dairy - goat's milk, goat's milk creamy cheese, and pecorino romano (sheep milk)

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Karen Joy said...

Ha! I love it when I Google something, and up pops a blog for someone I've seen before in the blogosphere. I don't think I've ever been to your blog, but I believe I've seen you over at Daja's?


I made a cream sauce from raw goat milk the other day... threw in some fresh spinach and fresh basil and rosemary at the end. Topped it with crumbled (sheep milk) feta from Trader Joe's. It was AWESOME. And, it just made me wonder if anyone else had experience with goat alfredo (although mine wasn't really alfredo). Yours looks good!

Karen Joy said...

p.s. We get pecorino romano from TJ's all the time, too. If you are into alternative-milk cheese, PLEASE try Manchego from TJ's. It's from sheep's milk, and is amazing. It's my favorite cheese.

Mrs. and Mama K said...

Ya, i frequent daja's blog a lot. :)

Your "alfredo" sounds yummy! I finally braved pesto with pecorino romano this past week...so easy and SOOO glad my friend made some to encourage me to!

I'll definitely have to try the Manchego cheese! My body freaks out with cow cheese so it's always nice to hear there is some good tasting alternatives out there!