Saturday, April 24, 2010

More Info on Option #2

An email from my friend explaining what he did:

He has you take off your shoes when you get weighed.  His scale measures your body fat & your weight, but you need to be barefoot.  Then you stand up (after you put your shoes back on) and hold your arm out and try to keep it up as he pushes down on it, while taking either food items (to see what you are intolerant of) or supplements (to see what will help you) and touching other points on your body (like your head, neck or stomach).  It's pretty interesting.  When he was accessing K, he left the room to go get a different supplement and while he was gone I told K to try harder to hold his arm up.  He said I can't, it's too weird. 

He takes a history & talks to you about what is going on and he kind of has an idea when he starts as to what he needs to check out.  He has patients that come from South Carolina.  Sometime when we have gone we are the ones that have come from the farthest away that day.  You are lucky you have someone to stay with.  He is very nice and will answer any questions and explain anything to you.  Don't know where we would be with K if we hadn't gone to him.  The doctors didn't have a clue.

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Mrs. C said...

Um, how weird that I'm looking at your blog while you are leaving a comment on mine... continued prayers!