Monday, April 19, 2010

Dr. House

A friend of ours has been going through some major health issues.  At one point she noted these symptoms:
  • feeling like someone was holding a match to her skin
  • feeling like someone was slicing through her insides
  • everything tasted like metal, loss of appetite
  • couldn't sleep
  • breaking out in hives
After seeing many doctors who couldn't correctly diagnose her, including one who said it was her thyroid, giving her herbs and making it way worse, her husband went on a search for a doctor like House, who could diagnose and correctly treat health issues.  A friend online suggested a doctor out in Riverside, raving about how he found a rare blood disease in a patient.  They went and saw him and took a bunch of tests.

This Sunday she came to church excited that he figured it out! It's a bacteria infection caused by an untreated respiratory infection.  She said the doctor was like a little kid when he told her they found the cause.  He was so excited, jumping around, praising God.  He's treating it with 6 months of antibiotics with lots of nutrition and such to keep her intestinal flora good. 

Seeing that the rheumatologists I've seen don't seem to have a clue, I have an appointment with him in May!  Please pray for wisdom, both for me and the doctor.


Mrs. C said...

Praying for you, Mrs. Knifty!! Very exciting news! Your sheep shearing pics look like fun, too. Reading between the lines, here's hoping next year you feel up to it. :)

Mrs. and Mama K said...

well they started the shearing while we were at church so by the time we got there the shearers were leaving. just depends on when they get there!

Gombojav Tribe said...

Is your doctor as arrogant and hilarious as Dr. House?

Mrs. and Mama K said...

I hope not! he sounds like a great guy...we'll see!