Monday, March 29, 2010

Turning Over a New Leaf

Ha ha!  Get it?!  Cabbage leaf?!

In light of becoming a hippy health food freak I'm continuing on to fermented vegetables! Saurkraut and Ginger Carrots!  (These recipes are also from Nourishing Traditions.)


The only thing I've really ever had saurkraut on/in is bratwurst and my mom's recipe for saurbraten, which is basically a pork roast with a sliced granny apple, carrots, potatoes and saurkraut, left in a crockpot all day to make a yummy stew. The saurkraut she uses is usually canned, full of preservatives, and not looking very appetising. It's good in the saurbraten, but NOT something I'd want to eat by itself.

The group leader for our Azure order mentioned how she never thought much about saurkraut until a friend from the group had brought her some homemade saurkraut. It was TOTALLY different from the nasty canned stuff that's full of preservatives. With that encouragement I decided to try it out! It takes three days to ferment so it should be done tomorrow.

Side note: I thought it was leaking today so I opened it and once it hit air it started expanding. They're not kidding about the amount of room you're supposed to leave in the jar before sealing it!

Ginger Carrots

I'm making the ginger carrots to use up the organic carrots we've had in the fridge for quite a while.  The cookbook recommended this recipe for those new to fermented veggies and said they're good with spicy foods.  The carrots should be done Wed.  Mmmm! (Hopefully!)

Praise God I got a new food processor!  It was a cinch shredding everything! 

Soon, hopefully, I'll venture in making the beverages kefir and kombucha.  The kids love the flavored kefir from the supermarket, which they call "strawberry milk."  Our Azure leader has some of the kombucha mushrooms and it hoping to find someone with the kefir grains.  Both the mushrooms and grains reproduce as you use them so you can save a bundle if you can just find a friend who has some.  

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