Sunday, November 15, 2009

Two Birthdays and a Wedding

All in one day!  AND Big Red was gone helping a friend for half of it.  (He told his friend earlier in the week he didn't think we were doing anything - when he found out he figured as long as he was there for the wedding he was good!)

This little boy turned three.  His parents were pregnant at our wedding three years ago and had him like the day after so he and Karrots are 9 months apart.  *:o)

His mommy made the cupcakes.  Didn't she do a great job??!!

Birthday boy #2 is just 3 months younger than Karrots.  His little brother is 3 months younger than Rusty.  It was fun being pregnant the same time as their mom.  His theme was construction zone.

Karrots in her construction hat.

Had to leave early but got all kinds of goodies...I thought HE was supposed to get the gifts!  We got cookies, a huge goodie bag, the cupcake, and construction hat.  Thanks guys!

The wedding we went to was for a girlfriend I've known since elementary school.  I found her on facebook like a month ago!  We got to drop the kiddos off with grammy and head on out to our old stomping ground, Olvera Street. 

She was gorgeous!!

LOVED it!  They had a mariachi band outside the church after the ceremony and once everyone was ready they lead us over to the reception at Union Station.  The band continued to play for an hour of drinks on snacks and then lead us into the dinner where they got up on a balcony and continued to play.  What a great way to lead things!

 Cake topper...cute!

The bride and I...