Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thankful Thursday

  • I don't look like a boy! (See previous post.)
  • I'm only experiencing cold symptoms - NOT the swine flu!
  • Our kids' fevers have never lasted more than 24 hours.
  • My hubby can fix cars!
  • A dutch oven!  I've been wanting one for years and finally saw one at Cost Plus World Market that just dropped to $60 and I had a coupon for an additional $20 off! 
  • Great neighbors!  We're hoping to have our next door neighbor and his girlfriend over for dinner soon.  I love it!
  • I love cooking!  I couldn't imagine eating out all the time (for health AND pocketbook) or having to eat something I didn't enjoy making.
  • Crockpots and - I made corned beef and cabbage last night from one of their recipes.  DELICOUS!  It's awesome because we've been trying not to eat piggy and that cuts out an old family favorite crockpot recipe for saurbraten.  This is the perfect alternative!
  • I only have one more Christmas gift to get!  AND most of the wrapping is done!  (That's right...I'm anal to get it done early!)
  • The option of non-chlorine disposable diapers!  The velcro in the BumGenius ones are destroying my fingers because my hands have been so dry lately.  
  • Vitamin City!  Their customer service stinks but their prices are cheaper than most other places!  1/2 gallon of raw milk for $5, Earth's Best diapers for $10, Earth's Best crackers/cookies for $1.49 (Babies R Us just had a sale on them 3 for $5...I got ripped off!).
  • Walmart - one stop shop for everything but groceries.  PLUS their fabric is a great price!!
  • Karrots learned to put her shoes on!
  • Organic Toaster Pastries!  Costco sells them - a healthy alternative to pop tarts!  WAAY easy in the morning.
  • Sleep.  Could you imagine never being able to or having to rest?
  • Got to see my aunt this weekend!
  • Great in-laws!  My parents and our family-of-four are having Thanksgiving with RED's family!  This is a common theme with them.  Usually his parents have it with his sister's family, her inlaws and her hubby's wife's parents.  That's right - 3x the in-laws! And they get along!

New Me!

Hacked most of my hair off!! Hopefully the kids can't reach it now! Hopefully it'll be easy to style this short, too, as I don't have a lot of time to put into it.

Fresh out of the salon

After I styled I can NEVER do what my stylist does

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