Friday, September 11, 2009

You Lie!

'Get your T-shirts!  Get your "I don't trust the president" T-shirts!'

Check them out:  Cafepress

I kinda like the "My Goverment spent TRILLIONS and all I got was the LOUSY PRESIDENT" one...

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thankful Thursday

  • Great in-laws!  The last night up north Red's family surprised me by singing happy birthday to me and giving me birthday gifts.  Mind you, my birthday is like a month away so I was TOTALLY surprised.  I got some thoughtful sewing goodies; a cutting mat, clear ruler, and gift card for Joanne's.  I also got a gift for Rusty: a home-made quilt!  Red's mom made it and made sure Rusty's cousins helped.  I LOVE it!  It's gorgeous!  (It's also kinda an early Christmas present as I put "home-made quilt" on my list.) 
  • A big van.  It was great being able to load ALL our stuff up (we practically moved to Red's parents' since it was for so many days) and had plenty of room for my mom.  It also didn't overheat at ALL on the grapevine (SoCal's ultimate test for a car) with the A/C on the whole time.
  • Amazing grammies for my kids!  During the whole stay up north I may have changed a diaper three times, which is great because I think the velcro is destroying my fingers!
  • Red got time away from everything to enjoy God's creation and spend quality time with his dad.
  • My mom.  Words can't express what an amazing help she is!  Lord, give me the brains to treat her with all the honor, love and respect she needs and deserves!
  • I don't have to sit in traffic for hours a day.  Thank you, honey, for making the sacrifice for us!
  • Home-grown veggies and fruit.
  • I am a stay-at-home-mommy.  I'm so glad that it was never an argument or even a deep discussion.  My hubby and I simply agreed that it's what's best for our kids and that we'd do what it takes to make it happen.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Time with Grammies

As I mentioned on my last post, the kids and I spent a number of days up at Red's parents' house while Red and his dad went on a backpacking trip.  My amazing mother came with us and helped out, mostly cuz I was kinda concerned about having both kids at night by myself.  Red's mom helps looks after her MIL who lives with them and needed to be available to help her at night if she needed to use the restroom or whatever, so my mom got Karrots on the sofa bed and I got Rusty in Red's parents' room.

Most of the time we were there we just kinda hung out at Red's parents' place.  We joined his mom harvesting fruits and veggies and saw friends and Red's sister and her family a few times.

And I, of course, took LOTS of pictures!

Before we left our house I did my and Karrots' toes.

Karrots reading to all the baby dolls.

Rusty playing with a baby doll.

Rusty playing with grammy's Disney pop-up toy - a baby favorite

Rusty and one of his cousins.

My mom rolling around on the floor with the kids.

 Grammy on top!
Karrots on top! 
Grammy playing with Rusty.

 Going down to the garden with grammy.
"Look at my Armenian cucumber!"
Picking peaches

 Grammy's grapes
 She found grammy's nice kitty.
 Mommy forced her to take pix with her.
 Kissy face!

 Great grammy's bird feeders
 I was determined to get a pic of a humming bird.  They had a bunch that would chase each other, defending their food.
 Our friends came by so we could meet their new kids...couldn't post pix of them though...
 I think my mom enjoyed the bubbles more than the kids.
 Girlie super cousins
Chillin' on papa's chair

 Daddy pulling Karrots on a gardening wheel barrol.
 Grammy finally got Rusty to sleep and the kitty wanted attention.
Rusty got a hat from his cousin!  He looks so much older!

Playing house with a friend

Grammy's Garden

I just LOVE home-grown food! We recently got back from a trip up to Red's parents' and scored all this loot! And this doesn't cover all the scrumptious food we ate while there. Apples, pears, Armenian cucumbers, grapes, banana squash...delicious! They also have corn, tomatoes, different herbs, green beans, figs, pomegranates, spaghetti squash, melons, artichokes, ornate plums, and more in their garden!

Red's parents do all kinds of stuff with their fruits and veggies. They make stuff like candied figs and pomegranate jelly. One of our favorites is his mom's apple/pear sauce. Since we got so many apples and pears, I gave it a shot!:

It took a lot more work for me since I had to peel and core everything by hand before cooking. His mom uses a machine that separates it all once it's mushy. Yum!!
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