Friday, June 5, 2009

My Husband Rocks Friday!

You can tell a man's values by how he spends most of his time.

In our house we have SO many unfinished projects that keep piling up, like installing a light fixture, detailing the hutch we bought just after moving, weeding the back yard (which I finally started today), throwing away bushes Red's taken out, etc.

Though all of these projects would be nice to have finished, Red sets his priorities on us, his family. He gets home after work and spends his time with us. He'll take Karrots along with him to Home Depot to pick up things and take the kids outside to water the garden. Together we hang out with friends and family and go to church on the weekend. I can't remember the last day we didn't spend more than a few hours together as a family.

Honey, your priorities rock! Thanks for valuing the kids and myself more than projects and time alone. We love you!