Friday, January 30, 2009

My Husband Rocks Friday!

. . . the moment or the circumstances that led to you knowing that you were going to marry the man who became your husband . . .

From our love story, it's obvious that God had His hand in our relationship from the beginning. The whole reason we met was we were helping out at a foster home down in Mexico. I remember thinking he was a hunk the first time I met him down there...and on top of that he had a servant's heart for kids!

I don't ever remember thinking, "I know I'm going to marry this guy until we got engaged and started planning the wedding. I do remember realizing I love him, which was around Valentine's Day 2006. I went to look for a card for him and nothing said what I wanted it to say, which I realized was because they didn't say "I love you." BUT I couldn't say it yet because I wasn't sure how he felt. I knew he enjoyed cuddling and that we spent our free time together, but as far as I knew he hadn't thought much about it.

I ended up writing him an email Valentine's Day morning expressing how I felt and saying I didn't want to do anything special that day because we hadn't gotten to the point of defining our relationship with the love that the holiday called for.

Well I had totally messed up his plans for the evening. He had a huge bouquet of roses and a Build-a-Bear that looked like him and he was going to take me to a nice dinner and tell me "I love you." He admitted though that he wasn't 100% sure it was love because if it was then we'd be talking more serious about marriage.

A few days later we were hanging out at my place and I got a letter from Big Red in the mail. The back of it said, "Open when you're with the one you love." My eyes got teary as I opened it and found a rose decorated paper that started out with, "I love you..." He asked if I'd like him to read it to me. It listed all the things he loved but stated, "I love you more than..." including our friend Cisco, coffee, and himself.

Needless to say he definitely won me over with that...

Monday, January 26, 2009

New Pictures of Rusty

Why Stop There?...

I'm sure most of you have heard the suggestion to ban cell phones from the road all together. Well, this gal has some more suggestions...
20 Ideas to Drive You Nuts
Including GPS...which, after driving with my mom who looks at the screen even in areas she knows by heart, I think isn't such a bad idea!