Thursday, December 10, 2009

Too Smart?

Monday was a long day for the kids and I...or at least it felt that way at the end.  We didn't go anywhere, but stuck around the house to get laundry and stuff done.

Sometime after the sun went down and the rain died down a bit, I stepped out into the garage to change the loads of laundry out, closing the door behind me to ensure the little ones didn't get in and utilize their curiosity in daddy's garage.  After putting the diapers in the wash I turned to go back in the house was locked!!  Low and behold my daughter had used her new found habit of dragging her chair/stool around with her and getting up to do mommy locking the door to the garage.

Luckily we have a little kitty door so I could see the kids and knew they were safe and sound (or should I say sounding?) on the other side.  Screaming Rusty kept attempting to get through the little doorway, but didn't fit.  After yelling at Karrots to unlock the door didn't work I attempted to calmly talk her through undoing what she'd done because if she could figure out how to lock it then she should be able to unlock it, right?  But, "stand on the chair and turn the nob, honey!"  was translated "sit on your chair and scream and cry" in her little head.  Poor girl!  I know she had no clue that doing something so simple would separate her and her brother from mommy.

Red was on his way home at this point, but wouldn't be home for like an hour.  So I grabbed his hiking boots (the only shoes I could find) and ran across the street seeking any help they could give.  "Anyone here know how to break into a house?!"  One of the guys came over and with the help of an extendable mirror and stick was able to unlock the door.  The whole time, whenever he pulled his arm in from the kitty door, poor Rusty would push his head against it screaming.  It broke his heart.  Our neighbor wondered how I could be so calm...(well, I already went through the frustration phase, I guess.)

Praise God the kids were okay and that we have helpful neighbors!!

I think I'll be hiding her stepping stools from now on...


Mrs. C said...

No, you'll just find a hiding place for a spare key and not blog about it. :]

LOL bet you're not publishing this comment. *wink*

I'm grateful you had neighbours who were willing to "get involved." :]

THE Princess Bombshell* said...

Luckily I had a spare key in my garage when Donovan locked me out a few months ago. Little punk.

Your story made me chuckle. Kids are so useless sometimes. :-) lol