Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Our Health

A first hand update.  *;o)
Red started having some minor chest pains the beginning of last week, mostly in the evening, and it reached its peak on Thurs.  He said the pain, on a level of 1-10, 10 being dire pain, was a 1 or 2 until Thurs., which was a 3, and then back to a 1 or 2 in the evenings.  He rested a lot during our trip to his parents Thurs.- Sat. and made sure to eat less food, more healthy.
For those who don't know, his grandpa had heart problems in his 20's.  That's kinda why he's nervous about his heart.
Saturday night he came in the back room as I was dressing our new guest bed, held Rusty while I worked, and then told me he wanted to go to the urgent care. As they were all closed by then we ended up going on Sunday while my mom and aunt watched the kiddos.  The doctor there said something about high blood pressure and found something on the EKG that said something about his right branch and disconnect, which can be normal for some people, but wanted him to go to ER just in case.  So we did.  They did another EKG, blood tests, and a chest x-ray, while hooking him up to oxygen.  It was NO fun seeing him hooked up to monitors and a breathing tube, which was all just protocol.  The EKG said the same thing as the other one and in all the tests, after waiting like 5 hours for the results, there wasn't anything pointing to blood clots or heart attack so they let him go and asked him to see a cardiologist to follow up in a couple days.  He has an appointment for tomorrow after his route canal (2nd this month).


I've been battling arthritis for at least 5 years now.  No, it wasn't diagnosed by a doctor, but it isn't carpal tunnel and I have all the symptoms.  The rheumatologist I saw prior to getting married told me I may have early stages of lupus or rheumatoid arthritis (though it wasn't showing up in blood tests and x-rays showed nothing).  He said it may get worse, may get better, or just stay the same, with 1/3 chance of each.  (So basically he told me nothing).  With the pregnancies the arthritis has been dormant for the most part, but with the hormones faded it's back with avengence.  I've been getting little nodules on my knuckles (cartilidge build up), my hands and feet feel swollen in the morning and late at night, I feel like my hands aren't connected most times...It's gone from sharp pains when my wrists are turned a certain way and has added throbbing.  My thumbs have had sharp pains at night and in the morning to where I can't pick Rusty up with them, I have to grab him by my arms.  Though most of the pain is in my wrists and hands, my elbows have had sharp pains as well.

If any of you have noticed I'm missing my wedding ring, this is why.  It doesn't go over my knuckle and with swollen hands in the morning, I thought it best to keep it off.

Getting old bites!  We covet your prayers!

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You got our prayers, Sweetie!!!

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