Friday, October 2, 2009

Our Little Entertainer

Lately Karrots has had a great deal of sympathy for Rusty...that it sometimes, like when he's screaming his head off in his bed because mommy put him down because he looked tired, but being a stubborn little redhead he refuses to give in. On numerous occassions Karrots sneaks into our bedroom, crawls onto our bed and lowers herself into his bed, entertaining her brother. (I wonder if it's kind of a novelty for her since it's her old bed.) She hops on in and starts playing with his toys, chatting it up, showing him how to lay down. I know she's doing this when he stops crying suddenly. Of course, all this peace ends as soon as I peek my head in and am seen.

It's such a joy to see them getting along...even if it doesn't last.

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