Thursday, October 1, 2009

Dentist and Casseroles

For months I've been having problems with the right side of my mouth when eating. At first I couldn't really pinpoint where the pain was, but lately it's become apparhent. I went to the dentist today and had my tooth drilled out and a cap put on. Turns out the tooth was cracked. At one point he stopped to show me the crack and tell me that he wasn't sure how far it went and that he might hit my nerve cavity. Of course, at this time, I'm freaking out and thinking, "Will the novacain even work if you hit it?!" Praise God he didn't have to drill that far.

For now I have a temporary cap on and get to wait 4 weeks to find out if it helps or if I need a route canal. Oh the joys of not understanding the consequences of not brushing my teeth when I was younger! Seriously, my parents made us brush so I would just wet my toothbrush and call it a night. If I knew the pain it would cause in the future...

On that note, I've been looking for yummy casserole recipes due to the fact that I've been reading a book on cooking and shopping once a month. I've been overwhelmed with the amount of food I've bought, but so far I've been motivated to cook nightly, seeing that we have absolutely no freezer space to store anything I may be able to make ahead of time.

With strict instructions from my dentist, I made some delicious mushy food. I found a recipe off of a large bag of elbow pasta from Stater Bros. and it sure was yummy!

Karrots had other plans for this strange shape of pasta:

What a nut! Then it was a half hour of crying and convincing her to finish her meal so she could have a cookie daddy just baked. (It was from store-bought dough - don't be too impressed!) Hopefully we can convince her of the importance of brushing all of that yummy sugar off of her teeth to avoid the pain I've been going through...

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