Thursday, September 24, 2009

Not JUST Good for Arthritis!

Since I haven't been prego for a while now, my hormones are kinda going back to "normal". With that said, my arthritis symptoms are coming back, which means it's getting difficult to move my fingers and toes in the morning and therefore picking up Rusty at times is a job.

SO, I've decided to fight back with food. I once owned a book (if you have it, please return it, thank you!) that explained how diet and exercises affects arthritis and it mentioned how good tumeric and cumin are for it. Thus, I ordered some Curry Pasta Salad mix from Azure.

You boil the noodles and add sour cream (I used yogurt) and mayo to the seasoning and mix and refrigerate it. I added chicken, red onion and almonds. Yum!

No word yet on it curing arthritis, but it did a great job at putting Rusty to sleep!:

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Mrs. C said...

Now, I was going to write how sad I was for you that you suffered with this condition... but then you go post Rusty's pic and all I can think to say is "awwwwww..."

Raisingarrows said...

Sorry to hear you're battling the arthritis...praying the food helps!