Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Karrots!!

I can't believe our little girl is two!! Time flies faster when you have kids!

Saturday we held a BBQ/swim party for Karrots at my parents' house. What a turn out!! We had invited a few people and when it seemed like most couldn't make it we invited more, only to find that just about everyone else changed their minds/plans and were able to come.

Alex, Rusty's little buddy. They were both born around the same time and as the same size!
Rusty and our neighbors' daughter. She's 9 months old. What a doll! I love how petite she is!!
Matthew taking a go at the pinata
Our other neighbors' daughter patting the pinata with the stick...funny!
My dad directing her how to hit it properly 
Carrot cake!
Present time!  She opened everything with enthusiasm.  We had to really encourage her to stop playing with what she just opened and to open another gift...think that teaches her to appreciate each gift?
Rusty fell asleep...a busy day!
Along with books, she got a bunch of crayons.  My dad gave her his cigar box to keep them.
Arch books!
The big gift from my brother - Power Wheels!!
We went to dinner at California Pizza Kitchen (due to her love of cheese) and then Chucky Cheese on her actual birthday - her first time!
Learning to put the parmesan cheese on her pizza
Eating cold bread crumbs
No song, but plenty of sugar!!  She didn't get very deep...
Sharing with daddy
Playing a game she picked out
Just a little distracted by all the over-stimulation
Red showing her how to play
Playing skeeball with daddy
You put the coin in...
...and out comes tickets!!

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