Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Grammy's Garden

I just LOVE home-grown food! We recently got back from a trip up to Red's parents' and scored all this loot! And this doesn't cover all the scrumptious food we ate while there. Apples, pears, Armenian cucumbers, grapes, banana squash...delicious! They also have corn, tomatoes, different herbs, green beans, figs, pomegranates, spaghetti squash, melons, artichokes, ornate plums, and more in their garden!

Red's parents do all kinds of stuff with their fruits and veggies. They make stuff like candied figs and pomegranate jelly. One of our favorites is his mom's apple/pear sauce. Since we got so many apples and pears, I gave it a shot!:

It took a lot more work for me since I had to peel and core everything by hand before cooking. His mom uses a machine that separates it all once it's mushy. Yum!!
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