Monday, August 10, 2009

New Friends

The past few weeks we've been visiting with others kids on the block. It started on one of our afternoon walks. A retired gentleman, Mike, down the street has his grandson with him every afternoon and then their neighbors' sons come over soon after. Karrots and Rusty have been the new addition to their little clique and they love it! So much so that Karrots gets excited every time we go out from hoping we're going to head on over to see her new friends.

Mike teaching Karrots to ride a tricycle

Mike has a few toys for Karrots to play with like a tricycle, bubble lawn mower and toy guitar. She knows they're in his garage and is always seeking them out once we arrive. She feels so much at home that she's attempted to get inside the house a few times! It's a chore to pull her away if the kids are still out playing.

Rusty crawling around looking for leaves...

We also found out that Mike's daughter (the mom of the little boy Karrots plays with) used to babysit me and my brother when we lived here back in the early 80's! Small world!

What an answer to prayer! While all the kids play I get adult conversation with the grandfather and the couple next door and occasionally the other boy's mom. It's also great to see the kids interacting with each other and having a group of people all sharing time and friendship.

Today we even invited the little girl across the street to join. She's a year or so older than Karrots. A new member?...

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