Thursday, August 20, 2009

Azure Drop

I am so glad that we found this co-op! Azure Standard has relatively good prices on organic and raw products and we can stock up. They're cheaper than Whole Foods and have way more products than the local Trader Joe's.

I heard about the company from my SIL, who is a great source of info for health nuts. The group has a minimum purchase for drops ($550 accumulated orders of yours and friends to ask the truck to stop and unload your goodies) and orders ($50 if you don't want an extra charge for S&H). I've found that if you're serious about keeping your kitchen stocked with healthy food then there's no issue on the minimum personal order. When I joined I called up to see what they had for local drop points. The operator didn't really know the area we live and gave me drops that were relatively new and looking for more to join so they could reach the minimum purchase order. She gave me drops that were over an hour away (esp. with traffic!). In trying to create a drop I asked around to see if anyone would be interested. I even asked a local farm who sells raw milks and organic. Thankfully, they were already a part of the co-op and were part of a closer drop, like 15 miles from us.

The orders and shipments are made monthly so the drop organizer emails everyone to remind us when to place the order (a week prior to the drop date) and then the day of the drop to let us know around what time the truck driver will be there. She even calls the day of after the truck driver lets her know he's about an hour away.

All of us picking up orders meet the truck behind a local Walmart and the truck driver opens up the back and calls out the names on the boxes.

Our truck!

The truck driver handing out boxes

The truck is refrigerated, which takes care of the perishables, and has a freezer aboard. The boxes all have labels on them stating who they're for, which drop, invoice number, and how many items needs to be chilled.

The frozen items are all in one box for the drop and we all go through and grab what we ordered.

Some of the goodies I got are heirloom seeds for our garden, Eco-Dent tooth powder, coconut oil, raw honey, bison steak meat and Kefir.

Mmmm! Makes yummy fudge, spread, and great for cooking!

RAW honey - check out that texture!!


Gombojav Tribe said...

Is your honey locally produced?

Mrs. and Mama K said...

local to them, lol! they're up in Oregon.