Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thankful Thursday

  • Finding Burlington Coat Factory for fun deals!
  • Having time to work on our wedding scrapbook. (It's only been a couple years...)
  • Evening walks with the family.
  • A friend who is teaching me to sew! We're making an apron without a pattern and did the ruffle today.
  • Karrots' and Rusty's smiles...
  • A hubby who knows how to fix cars.
  • A new lamp by our computer! Now I can see the black keyboard!!
  • Getting a nap in today!
  • The Moby Wrap! Rusty is so snug in it and falls asleep on our evening/night walks! It keeps us both warm and doesn't hurt my back!
  • 5 Seed Almond Bars from Trader Joe's! Like healthy cookies minus cups of sugar, and Karrots will actually eat them!
  • Our health! Rusty has a little cold, but it's not life-threatening!

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