Friday, May 29, 2009

My Husband Rocks Friday!

Wednesday night we went to a concert for my old high school choir. As our director was retiring after this year, it was also a reunion.

My girlfriend and I were the only ones from our school years that had our husbands there. Our old choreographer made a comment that our husbands earned a ticket to heaven because they sat in the back the whole time my friend and I were running around and saying hi to our old friends. He also commented that we must have great relationships with them.

Not only did he not complain, but I didn't feel at all rushed or like he dreaded being there. I think he may have actually enjoyed himself...especially since he had company.

Honey, you rock for encouraging me to catch up with old friends! Thank you for your patience, helping with the kids, and for valuing me!! I love you!

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