Saturday, May 2, 2009

Date Night!

As we rarely go out alone...dressed up...we just had to take a picture! (I haven't worn this shirt in years!...not so convenient for nursing)
Red and I went on our second date wiithout the kids since Rusty was born last night. Pirates of Penzance was playing at the performing arts center in town and Red had gotten us tickets months ago. (The "surprise" was ruined when they arrived in the mail plainly marked.)

We had great seats. We were in the very front on the 3rd level balcony, just above a set of lights. We could smell them burning when leaning forward.

As we'd seen the movie years ago we knew the plot and had heard the jokes. The lady next to me hadn't. It was great hearing her crack up during the jokes.

They had some great talent. The guy who played Frederick had a great voice, but was poorly miced. You could hardly hear him. I did notice, though, that some of the notes that were really high in the movie were different when he sand them. I wonder if the movie changed the song or the live version...

Of course, we rushed home to the little ones when it ended. My mom was so kind as to watch them for us even though Rusty still had only ever nursed. We found her huddled on the floor with Rusty drinking water from a bottle and Karrots in her pj's and tutu.

Thanks, honey for the fun date! One more reason you rock! And mom, for watching the kids!
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Zimms Zoo said...

You guys look so nice.
We haven't left the baby to go out yet. But I left her with her daddy to the girls to a basketball game. Next time we need to go.

Gombojav Tribe said...

You're one hot mama! :-)

My kids love singing, "I am the very model of a modern major general...." ha!