Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thankful Thursday

So many things to be thankful for...

  • I get to stay home with my beautiful kids...even if their crying can drive me crazy.
  • My kids sympathize for each other. When one is upset the other chimes in.
  • Karrots survived me vacuuming her room!
  • We're going to see Pirates of Penzance this weekend! Live!
  • My mother's generosity. She took us to Nordstrom Rack and spent part of her gift card on the kids...and got me a shirt! Not that this is anything new. The whole time my mom has been "broke" she's been saying how much she can't spend any money and still constantly buying the kids things.
  • My dad's getting us a patio for the backyard! He's even thinking about putting a little fence in so the kids done fall off the 6" gap in the concrete.
  • Both kids are sleeping right now...
  • Jarritos has natural sugar in it instead of high fructose! Guess I'll have to buy more!
  • Superior Market homestyle chips...delish!
  • My new magnetic marker board. I got it to organize meals for the week. It's great! It holds the recipe cards and helps me remember what we have.
  • Hot water and indoor plumbing!

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Mrs. C said...

LOL I'm grateful my kids are downstairs screaming/crabby bedtime thing with D so I can read this post and be grateful too!!


Bless ya!