Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thankful Thursday

  • No one played an April Fools joke on me!
  • My husband doesn't say anything bad about my cooking...even when it's deserved.
  • God answered our prayer about our friend, Dave Thompson, to the word!
  • For a hubby who thinks I'm deserving of time at a day spa with a friend! Massage and salt scrub...I'm so spoiled!
  • For a hubby who isn't afraid to be alone with two kids.
  • For the stamina and ability to walk to Target with two kids and a double stroller.
  • For a dad who would call us 4 times to make sure Red is healthy.
  • For our health!
  • Our son knew night time was for sleeping right off the bat.
  • We have neighbors who don't mind our daughter walking around their front yard and poking at their flowers.
  • Enough breastmilk to feed BOTH kids.
  • Veggie Tales! We don't have to fret about our kids seeing dying or missing parents or anything else inappropriate.

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