Saturday, April 25, 2009


Red and I have been going to a Revelation study since January and it gets me thinking twice about our possessions. Knowing what is to come, it partially makes me want to get rid of the majority of our possessions and partially makes me want to run out and buy more things (you know, like a lifetime supply of water and food). It also makes me wonder about what I would feel I needed if we ever had to leave the country, say if a huge lot of meteors were headed for North America or something.

In thinking about what things I would not want to get rid of, I came up with a list of things that are both sentimental AND useful. THEY are the things you don't feel guilty about keeping when it's time to downsize. I wouldn't necessarily take them all if we were in a rush to leave the country, but I definitely enjoy having them and would miss them!

Here is a list of some of the things that have my heart and that I love to use:

The Moby Wrap

When we had Karrots we originally got a Maya Wrap, per recommendation from a friend. It worked well except for hurting my shoulder after carrying the little ones for a while. (Doesn't help our "little" ones aren't so little!) This past week I found the Moby Wrap for sale for $25 at Sunshine on 2nd, originally $45-50. As a couple friends and my SIL have raved about them I got one. What a difference! It's a lot of fabric and looks intimidating, but it is SOOO comfortable. No strain! And it even holds Karrots, not just Rusty!

Our BedNot only is it cozy, but we've made our two kids, nursed and slept with them, and birthed one in this bed!

Cell Phone/Text Messaging
I discovered text messaging when Red and I were dating. It's great to be able to communicate without having to ensure you're in silence and without annoying others. It's also nice to do it when it's convenient...especially with kids! Phone calls can be a major distraction and annoyance. With texting you can be quick and to the point. It also gives Red and I a chance to share pictures of the kids throughout the day.

Red's sister has a couple girls that are years older than Karrots and time to time we get containers of their old clothes. Some of the outfits have sentimental value to them. Like the one above, which their great-grandma brought back for one of them from Hawaii. I also have an outfit grandma gave me that her husband brought her back from Japan during the war.

My Necklace
Red got me both of the pendants I wear around my neck daily. Right after we got married he gave me the key with a heart that had a key hole in it. He had gotten it when his dad gave him "the talk". It was a symbol of his commitment to save himself (heart and all!) for the one he would marry (me!). The other pendant he got me for mother's day. It is a mother and child hugging in the shape of a heart. Love it! Beauty and constant reminds of God's blessings!

My Wedding Ring
For obvious reasons, this is one of my favorite possessions. Red picked it out, the band was custom's perfect! It's gorgeous and declares that I am taken. It's a constant reminder of the vow I made and how good God is!

My Bible
I love this not just because it's the Word of God, but because my husband picked it out for me! He got my name on it with gold lettering and everything. It's also the perfect size to tote around!

I love scrapbooking! It's truly one of my vices. That and taking pictures. I love the idea of capturing memories, via pictures and momentos, and putting them together in an enjoyable way. I love being able to open a book and have memories flood me with every turn of the page. I think I have like 5 that I'm currently working on...wish I had more time! Hopefully my kids will appreciate their little time capsules when they get older.

Willow Tree Figurines
Ok, so these aren't so useful except for decor. From the day I saw these figurines I wanted to collect them! They are perfect to represent each stage of our life, from newlyweds to being parents. As each stage of our life happened, we collected the figure that would remind us of it, either by receiving it as a gift or buying it for each other. I love the memories each one stands for!

Hope Chest
My mom got this for me years ago. When living at home I kept sentimental things and things I would need if I ever moved out in it. Now it stores our bedding. If we ever had to move into a smaller room I'd probably use it as a toy chest. I hope to some day pass it on to Karrots.


sk* said...

The bed, dude-- TMI!!! ;-)

Zimms Zoo said...

What a great list. I have been thinking of trying the Moby wrap. Especially on our camping trip.

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Sweet post!!

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beautiful post!