Tuesday, April 7, 2009

LA Zoo

My mom went with the kids and I to the LA zoo today. She had gotten us a year pass for Christmas and this was our first trip.

Our day started off with finding ducks in our front yard! They were just sitting there and weren't afraid of us. My dad thinks they probably have eggs in the bushes.

Can't you just feel the excitement?!

This little guy was so cute! They had just brought him out and he looked so gleeful!

In the prairie dog hole

While my mom walked Karrots around the Australia area I sat and nursed Rusty. A lady came up with the exact same stroller as us and asked to sit and nurse her baby next to me. It turns out she was there with her mom, who got them a year pass, and other daughter. Her kids were around the same age as ours. How fun is that?! We kinda hung out together talking, nursing and changing diapers.


Zimms Zoo said...

How fun!

Mrs. C said...

How lovely! Bet those kids slept well that night!