Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thankful Thursday

  • Our computer keyboard still works after Karrots spilled water on it!
  • We got to spend time with family this weekend.
  • Rusty's dedication and reception went well (I'll be posting pictures once I get more from my SIL).
  • My teeth don't need any immediate work on it!
  • I'm surviving Rusty's seemingly random fits.
  • Karrots has been sleeping through the night!
  • We made it to the appointment on Monday for recording Rusty's birth! My alarm went off on my phone for it at 10. (I was still in my PJs and had completely forgotten about it.) We were out the door (me and the kids) within 20 mins and made it in time and there was no line!
  • Karrots loves the decorations in her room. (I've been meaning to post pics of those too!)

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