Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thankful Thursday

In reading Zimms Zoo's blog, I decided to join in the fun for Thankful Thursday!:

  1. For our super fertility! We've never had to go through the heartache of "trying to have kids".
  2. My dad, who's given us an awesome deal on renting this huge and amazing house and who's given my hubby job security for good pay. He also seems to be getting a bit more sensitive in wanting to hang out with the grandkids...don't tell him that, though!
  3. Big and healthy babies!
  4. My mom's willingness to help me out weekly even though I don't always treat her right.
  5. Having the ability to say, "what would I like to eat today" instead of going hungry.
  6. Breastfeeding; all the lessons it's taught me and the bonding it's given me with my kids.
  7. Two cars!
  8. That my hubby text messages me all kinda makes me feel like he's here.
  9. Hot water!
  10. Friends willing to help out with my kids...and seeing it as a priviledge instead of a burden.
  11. A good internet line!
  12. A good pediatrician!


Zimms Zoo said...

Man those are things that I didn't even think of.

Those are awesome!

sk* said...

"even though I don't always treat her right."