Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Praise Report!

Hi everyone,

Thank you so much for praying – through your prayer covering God has given us great peace.

The neurosurgeon is “not convinced” this is a tumor. He says that the MRI trail from the last two years proves that this has been inside Dave’s head for at least that long (doctors never saw it before because they were looking in a different area) and has gotten smaller, rather than larger, during that time. He believes it’s more likely “a shadow of a scar” from an old, silent stroke that never manifested any noticeable symptoms. He wants Dave to have another MRI in one year so he can track his progress.

Last Sunday our pastor prayed that the surgeon would find this blip on the MRI to be “only a shadow.”

Dave is very much relieved. He’s taking a long nap right now to catch up on some lost sleep and then he’s going back to work.

We’re continuing to believe that God will restore him to divine health and wholeness, and that all symptoms will be healed and reversed.

Praising Him,

Side note: This guy from our church has been through major medical drama! He's already been completely healed of a brain tumor and stroke. When he goes to the hospital he called it "an assigment from God" because every time he gets a chance to share God or show His power.


Mrs. C said...

Wow, I didn't know you guys were going through this! I'm so glad Dave is ok!

sk* said...

You want to explain to Mrs. C.... :-)