Friday, March 13, 2009

My Husband Rocks Friday!

As there is no prompt for this week, I'll just brag in general about my husband.

I am so grateful that my husband allows Rusty to sleep with us! Co-sleeping is so easy! He wakes up and I nurse him laying down as we both drift off to sleep.

I have been extremely tired lately and I cringe thinking about how much more tired I would feel if I had to get up and go into another room every time our baby boy cried.

The down fall lately is in our love life. Rusty doesn't sleep as well in the cosleeper. He's not very tired by the time we get to bed and so I have to nurse him down. I'll pick him up, trying not to change his position, and put him in the sleeper. Soon enough he starts making nervous breathing noises and like he's trying to suck his fist. A few minutes later he's making it known he's awake and not happy.

Another inconvenience is that, since our bed is so soft, Rusty keeps moving closer to me throughout the night. Big Red barely gets his half of the bed at times and he just curls up near the edge and keeps on sleeping.

He hasn't complained once. In fact, I've heard him tell his friends how great it is since we don't have to get up and heat up and prepare a bottle. He encourages me in it!

Thanks honey for sharing our bed with our little one!

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Zimms Zoo said...

We have the same problem. Queen size bed and a baby, a big man, and me makes the big man sleeping on the very edge.

We have a memory foam bed that makes her roll into me. Just the last 2 nights she has started sleeping in her own bed. It is still in our room though. I have slept much better since I am not constantly moving to give her some room.

I empathize with you. I love co-sleeping to though and always miss them when we move them out. But her sisters can hardly wait for her to be in their room!