Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Kiddos

Rusty had his first pediatrician appointment today. We needed to get proof of birth from an official doctor. It was a good experience. There wasn't much of a wait in the waiting room or in the room we saw the doctor. He also made sure all my questions were answered and didn't push for the vaccines.

Any guesses as to how much he weighs now? 14 lbs. 6 oz.! He's-a-growing!

At one point I was in the room alone with him and just holding and looking at him. He made a little grunt while looking in my eyes so I made one back. He kinda smiled and did it again, and I did it again, and he did it again, smiling bigger...We had our first "conversation"! I love him!


Karrots told me like 3-4 times when she's pooping! Every time I change a poopy diaper I've been telling her to let me know when she goes because otherwise she runs around with a nasty diaper and gets a rash and makes a huge mess.

Twice I put her on the toilet and she tried pushing.

Yeah! I hope this means she's getting close to potty training!

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