Saturday, March 7, 2009


The day Rusty had his pediatrician appointment we took Karrots to Build-a-Bear in Downtown Disney. I had a gift card from years ago and thought it would be a nice thing for her to get some special attention after her brother was born.
First off, it was a bad day to do so because we got drenched from all the rain to and from the store. My friend who came with us, who had watched Karrots during the pediatrician appointment, came with us and she had a handicap card, but the store was in the middle of the outdoor shopping area.
When we got there, Karrots was all over the place. I think she was a bit overwhelmed...kinda like with all her toys; she can't make a decision so they all end up on the floor.
She wasn't so thrilled about BUILDING the lamb . The stuffing machine sounded like the vacuum, which she really doesn't like. So the employee stuffed the lamb and had to find us in the store to give the fabric heart a kiss and stitch the thing up.
Then it was off to find an outfit (which, you can tell by the picture, we didn't get). We kept holding shirts and bottoms up and she wasn't interested. She had found the guitar and just wanted to play with that.
We ended up the the lamb with a 6-in-1 sound in it that says stuff like, "I love you!", "I'm so happy you're my new best friend!", and "Let's go home!". We also got the Hannah Montana guitar as it was the only thing she seemed really interested in...probably because it made noise...and a baby carrier.
All-in-all I think we would've enjoyed it a lot more if she were a tad bit older and used to making such decisions. She had fun, but it wasn't super productive. *;o)
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Zimms Zoo said...

My MIL took the kids to Build a bear when they lived in Denver. I had to guide 3 girls in making decisions. With all those choices I wanted to pull out my hair. I think that it is a crazy store! Just picking out the animal was sooooo hard for them. ONe of them was about Karrots age at the time.