Friday, February 20, 2009

My Husband Rocks Friday!

Share your favorite "married moment" from the past couple of weeks. Anything that was special, made you smile, or made you feel all "warm and fuzzy"

Yesterday we went to get Rusty circumcised. I showed up with Karrots and Rusty and found my way to the waiting room. Soon a couple ladies showed up with their babies, both were alone with their babies.

As the doctor came by and asked for a last name, correcting each of us to give him our last name, not our son's, I was the only woman there whose son had the same last name as me. We were also informed that we had to be in the room during the procedure. One of the girls was extremely nervous about it. We could hear a boy screaming in one of the rooms and she noted that she was ready to cry and that boy wasn't even hers.

Eventually, Big Red showed up. He had been late because he was working. It gave me great comfort to have him there, knowing that we are married and are doing things "right". Also, he was the one to hold Rusty's hand during the procedure as I was distracted taking care of Karrots, who was also nervous about it once Rusty started crying.

Honey, thanks for being such a strong and respectable man who made sure we did things the way God intended. Thank you for taking time off work to be at the hospital for the circumcision and helping me with both kids. You rock!


Anonymous said...

Did you consider that your son might not want to be circumcised or did that not cross your mind ?

Anonymous said...

God "intended" your baby to be cut at birth? Do you know of Paul in the Bible?

Mrs. and Mama Knifton said...

Well, He did command it for many years. I know the Bible says that there's no difference in being circumcised or not, but I've heard too many stories of guys having to get circumcised when they're older because of tract infections.

Actually, it didn't cross my mind as to whether he WANTED to be or not, just whether it was best. Parents don't ask if their babies want to be induced, vaccinated or what diapers they want to's a choice we need to make based on what we think is best for them.

Gombojav Tribe said...

Mama K and Big Red, y'all are the best!!!

(Good job standing your ground about the circ, too!)

roadrunner201 said...

Hey, I am with you on the reasons for the circumcision. You have to do what you think is best as a parent and not try to force your ideas about why (or why not) to do something on others who are just doing what they think is best.
I was a wreck the day we had my son circumcised and I definitely think your husband rocks for holding Rusty's hand through it. My dear husband went in with our son because I probably would have taken him off the table and ran.