Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Our Little Girl's Heart

In reviewing the past few months of our life with Karrots, it brings tears to my eyes to think of her innocence and her pure heart.

This past week I've been trying to get a little more time by myself. I remember when Karrots was born and feeling so overwhelmed that I could never get away so I guess I'm trying to store up some "me" time before our new little one arrives and requires me 24/7. Big Red has been so wonderful at understanding this without me having to express it. After he comes home from work I usually hide in the back room doing a puzzle and he looks after Karrots.

Last night wasn't any different, except Big Red got tired early and so I was the one to put Karrots to bed. I could tell she was missing me. She didn't want to go in her crib right away, like she usually does, but kept pointing to the glider. This usually means that she wants to nurse, but it is extremely uncomfortable for me as it causes contractions. I kept telling her no and then, after my back hurting from holding her, I simply sat down with her. The next half hour or so was spent in cuddling with her and her running around and bringing me her toys.

When I finally got to bed last night I felt the Lord was telling me how significant that time was to her. It was as if she was so glad to finally have my attention that she shared her prized possessions (toys) with me to show me her graditude.

Other times these past months Karrots has layed down in the room while I work on something and entertained herself, sometimes falling asleep, glad her mommy is near. She's also woken up a number of times a couple hours after being put to bed and just wanting to cuddle until she falls back asleep.

She is such a blessing! Sometimes it amazes me that the Lord gave her to us, of all people. How did we get so lucky?

Lord, give me a bigger heart for my daughter. Teach us how to best utilize this fleeting time we have alone together. Give me the creativity to continue to include her and focus on her after the new baby comes. Help us to communicate our love to her in the best way she understands.

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