Saturday, January 3, 2009

Home Birth Prep

In case any of you are wondering what you need for a home birth, here's a list my midwife gave me:

1 newborn hat
24 23x36 underpads
12 sterile gloves
1 2 oz. bulb syringe
2 plastic backed sheets
1 peri bottle
2 oz. comfrey leaves
1 scrub brush
1 herbal cord care
(The above is in a kit for $38.60)
liquid chlorophyll
16 oz. olive oil
baby clothes, blankets, diapers, etc.
gown, panties, bra, etc.
extra sheets, pillow cases, etc.
sanitary pads
small pack of napkins or baby wipes
juices & Popsicles, honey
6 older towels & older wash cloths
2 large trash bags
trash can
1 or 2 shower curtain liners
empty gallon jug
Thursday we finally picked up the few things we didn't have. (Believe it or not, we don't have old towels so we got cheap ones at Walmart since we don't know of a thrift shop around and weren't sure how much time we'd have.) I got a rush of nesting and set up the co-sleeper and put everything out so it actually feels like the birth may happen.

Note the birth kit on the side table. Anything you don't see in the co-sleeper is there.
As far as the baby's position, I can't say it's changed. I realized, though, that it was probably mostly caused by nursing Karrots laying down since I did so on my back mostly. Since the revelation, I've been nursing her sitting up with my belly over her. I've also been more conscious of leaning back when sitting down. I'm definitely not as comfortable relaxing, but hopefully the baby will turn and I'll be more comfortable for labor.
For those of you wondering how Karrots' understanding all of this, she was asked the other day where mommy's baby was and she pointed at my belly. On the subject of her being at the birth, she'll be watched here by my mom (and anyone else who's here) and we'll wing it. I'd like her to be there. I've heard that if she sees the baby come out of mommy then she'll be more likely to accept the baby as an extension of mommy instead of some random new creature that's simply here to take all of her parents' attention.
So, my dear baby, we're ready for you! Get in position and we'll be holding you soon!


Melanie said...

You'll be surprised how little of that birth set actually gets used! But it's good to have.

I had 2 homebirths and at the first one, Abi, Nate was 20 months. He was sleeping since it was the middle of the night and I didn't want to have a cranky baby on my hands. He woke up around 4 am, just as I had pushed out Abi and was nursing her, still in the tub. He touched her wet forehead and said "baby". They've been best pals ever since.

For Kenny, Abi and Nate were both there but Abi insisted on trying to bounce on my bed with me on it! She was sent to her room and during that time, Ken was born. Nate got to see everything! It's definitely a good thing for them to be there. =)

Mrs. C said...

7 more days... wow.

sk* said...

Oh, you and Brenda will use everything! For sure! She wouldn't make you have or order useless stuff. Everything on the list and then some I had. It was all right where it needed to be for my births, and everything went so smoothly. Make sure you have a big bowl and container for the placenta so she can inspect it. (or keep and freeze it for you if you want, like my mom, for future tree-planting) :-)

I had Papa bring Diego in right after I pushed Donovan out. It was perfect timing. He didn't have to see me working so hard and ugly and be scared. But saw the fresh baby and how my tummy was gone! :-) And he mentioned it!

Have fun! :-P I'll be expecting a text! :-)


Gombojav Tribe said...

I just left you some bloggy bling! Stop by the blog to pick up your award!