Friday, December 12, 2008

The Harlot Babylon

My Husband Rocks Friday!

Big Red rocks because he's not afraid to pitch in on "womanly" duties. Lately he's been helping put Karrots to sleep (sometimes without me asking) at night. We both have our own way of doing it. His includes putting her in her crib and sitting in the glider while she talks to herself. Eventually he'll get up and go and she'll cry, but fall asleep shortly after.

I love that just his presence in her room makes her feel safe and happy. That says a lot about their relationship. It's great to know my daughter has a daddy who she feels safe and comfortable with and who she loves to be around.

He's also helped out with cooking when the pregnancy makes me lazy or disgusted by food. They're manly meals which usually consist of cheeseburger without bread and plain pasta, but it works!

Thank you, honey, for helping out and being such a great daddy!

Big Red sleeping after a long day of work and coming home and changing Karrots' diaper

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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Money Saving Gift Ideas

Via the Today Show, they had a number of examples on how to save money by making memories.

Other ideas from the show include:

  • Make chocolate dipped plastic spoons for stirring in warm drinks. You can add crushed candy cane, toffee, sprinkles, anything that will dissolve. Then, cover them with plastic wrap and decorate with ribbon.
  • Decorate old vases and jars for candles with cheap jewelry and silver spray paint.
  • Make ornaments. She used styrophome balls and added old jewelry she had around or ribbon.

Anyone else have ideas for great, inexpensive gifts?

House Warming Party

Since most of you didn't make it to our little shindig, here's an overview. I figured that I had to take pictures while it was still looking nice...

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